Energy Health Technologies launches a secure and safe technology solution for online communities to communicate within a company's website. The system allows for basic level of p
EHT launched ( new website builder for doctors, cl
EHTHealth has extensive experience in systems development, software solutions and technology innovations in the healthcare industry. EHT consults clinics on marketing, technology and automation solutions, consults with Electronic Medical Records (EMR
Energy Health Technologies installs digital display messaging network for healthcare network.
Energy Health Technologies now offers a suite of solutions for each industry and for any type of website. Clients now can "plug - n - play" their website with custom created design
Energy Health Technologies launches new healthcare website. Energy Health Technologies completes affiliate tracking system to keep statistics for third party partners and affiliates
Energy Health Technologies designs and produces a hospital and provider referral system to give hospitals, doctor networks and provider systems that ability to manage their patient
Energy Health Technologies designs and produces video presentation commercial for high end medical records company.
Energy Health Technologies produces series of training videos, reducing the training time needed, and improving the bottom line for the firm, while also increasing client retention.
Energy Health Technologies engineers new e-commerce and database system which allows clients the ability to manage content on their own websites without the a programmer or IT speci